5 Portable Toilets Tips For Your Outdoor Event

Are you hosting an outdoor event anytime soon? One of the first things that you should consider is to use a Flagstaff plumbers. You cannot have everyone use your private plumbing Flagstaff AZ. Get in touch with a professional company that offers these services for some good service packages depending on your needs.

As an event planner, you will need to organize table rentals, vendors, porta potties, caterers, and hand sanitizers.

Before you organize any such event, there are a few tips that you should look at that will help you organize the portable toilets for your guests:


The portable toilets must be clean throughout the duration of the event. Most companies will offer additional cleaning services on the side if you need them. For an event that runs for more than a day, you need a cleaning team to service the restrooms either on a daily basis or at whichever interval you agree on. They should remain clean for your guests through this period.

Visibility And Lighting

Your guests should not struggle to find their way to the Flagstaff plumbing. Even at night, there should be visible lighting to the toilets and inside. You would not want to have freak accidents as a result of poor visibility, especially when alcohol is involved.

Lighting is primarily about visibility. An event that runs after dark must be properly lit. This is not just about visibility but it’s also a security concern. The guests should feel comfortable using the portable toilets at night without having to worry about their security.

Proper Sanitation

Sanitation is more of a common sense concern. A lot of people are coming to this event. You must ensure that there are enough hand washing stations. It would be a big problem if people came to your event and the next day they are complaining about stomach problems. Sanitation is also mandatory in order for your event site to be considered at par with the standards set by the local authorities.

Handicap Access

Do not just assume that everyone who comes to your event will be able to use the normal Flagstaff plumbers. To cater for the needs of everyone, talk to your contractors about providing you with special plumber Flagstaff AZ for people with special needs, disabilities or even kids. This is more than just about comfort, but it actually shows that you have put a lot of thought into planning this event.

Alcohol And Placement

One thing that you can be sure of is that as long as there is alcohol being served at your event, portable toilets will be needed. Even if you are serving non-alcoholic beverages, you will still need plumbers Flagstaff AZ.

Make sure the toilets are positioned in a way that the guests can easily access them. The setting must also be in a dry and high place. You should have the setting close to the area where beverages are being served, but not too close. This way, the smell from the portable toilets won’t become a problem.