How to Take an Oil Stain Out of Fabric

Leather soaks up oil like a sponge absorbs water, and that may make oil stains hard to eliminate. An oil-absorbing representative, like talcum powder or cornstarch, will pull the oil back from the leather so that you can safely clean it off. Once you’ve absorbed the majority of the grease, cut what is left using a leather-safe solvent that is created for cleaning.

Blot the acrylic stain using a paper towel. After a few dabs, discard the towel and keep blotting using a brand new one. Keep doing so until the paper towel prevents consuming oil.

Cover the acrylic stain completely with a thick layer of cornstarch, dry sand, talcum powder or white-clay cat litter. Do not leave any part of the stain uncovered. These powdery substances absorb petroleum, helping eliminate part of this stain.

Allow the powder set overnight, then brush it off with an old toothbrush.

Dampen a cloth with a leather-safe dry-cleaning solvent when the stain remains. Dab the stain using the fabric until it disappears.

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