How to Wash Food Stains on Velvet Dining Room Chairs

Food stains may stick to velvet almost like chewing gum sticks to baldness, but only in the event that you don’t know how to wash out the finicky material. Velvet-covered chairs provide a feeling of luxury to the dining room decoration; regrettably, however, their positioning at the dining table subjects them to meals and drink spills. Finding a stain-removal process will help you feel less stressed out through dinner parties, holiday get-togethers or daily foods, even in case you have a young or clumsy guest or two enjoying everything, from sauce-drenched ribs into crumb cake with chocolate sauce.

Vacuum the upholstered chair chairs to remove any dirt and dry food particles, using a vacuum cleaner using an upholstery brush. Don’t vacuum fresh or wet spills; vacuuming wet fabric could result in an electric shock.

Mix a few drops of dish soap into a couple cups of warm water to make suds. Dish soap is a comparatively mild cleanser and is designed to lift or break down food-type messes, including grease.

Wet a soft, white fabric with all the dish-soap water; a colored cloth could bleed shade to the velvet. Wring out the cloth well, so that it is barely damp. Rub an inconspicuous place, such as the surplus material under the chair, to test for colour fastness. If the color holds, dab the stain with the fabric. If the stain does not lift, wipe it with a back-and-forth motion. Don’t over-wet the cloth. Use a dry white cloth to soak up some of the wetness in between cleanings, if the velvet gets too wet.

Rinse the fabric with clean water. Wet it again with all the sudsy water. Wring it out. Repeat the dabbing or wiping process until the stain is still gone. For very stubborn stains, brush the damp velvet in the nap’s direction, using a nylon-bristle brush.

Rinse the soft fabric with warm, clean water. Wring it out. Wipe the sterile areas to remove or dilute a few of the soapiness.

Await the velvet to air dry, or use a hairdryer set to low heat to speed up the drying process.

Brush the wash, dry velvet from the direction of the rest to lift the flattened fibers and then loosen any stiffened areas, using a velvet brush or soft-bristle hairbrush.

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