Modern Images: The Uterus Seat

The contemporary image of this week is the Uterus Chair, created by by Eero Saarinen for Knoll in 1948. Many contemporary icons appeared from camaraderie and the cooperation between Florence and Eero Knoll. For people who just know his title as a popular crossword puzzle solution, Eero was an architect as well as the son of the architect Eliel Saarinen (still another popular crossword solution). Some of Eero projects range from Dulles airport, the TWA Terminal at JFK, and the Saint Louis Arch. Yes, he is responsible for the “transferring waiting area” shoe box shuttle thingees you must take to the gates. Yet, he is maybe not accountable for the mindless growth from several years back that totally destroyed the perpendicular play and initial proportions of the creating.

CWB Architects

O.K., I Have jumped off my Dulles soap box, let us get straight back to company. The uterus seat came came into being after Florence Knoll said her desire to get a seat she “could relax in, such as a basket of pillows.”

Baltis Architects

The seat is made up of molded fiberglass casing that will be covered in foam. The pillows on the ottoman, seat, and back are pieces that are different.

Dufner Heighes Inc

Some of Uterus Seats can also be great for comfortable conversation although excellent for curling up in. They have been ideal for a office!

Colvin Style

The seat comes in three dimensions – Common (the biggest), Medium and Tiny. Dimensions and standard possess the organizing ottoman alternative.

James Cleary Architecture

The foundation could be finished in black or chrome powder jacket.

Dijeau Poage Construction

Within my modest view, among the aspects of the seat which makes it so wonderful is the colour choices that are brilliant. This one that is green is dreamy.

Glenn Gissler Design

Eero had his eyes on the prize, and attempted new stuff: Biological Engineering when creating this seat. In simpler conditions, relaxation!

Jennifer Weiss Architecture

Here the Uterus Seat is paired with a different Saarinen innovation: The Tulip Foundation.

Jennifer Weiss Architecture

The seat has a quality that allows it actually control a a large part and to stand alone.

In addition, it fits in nicely as the one facet chair in a chamber dominated with a sectional.


The best usage of the Uterus Seat is when it is employed as the cozy seat for studying in research or a library, as it’s set here.