On Trend: Black Exterior House Color and Bold

How do you get a small, nondescript structure to seem larger than life and ooze urban cool? The solution is to paint it black, such as edgy designers and property developers in L.A. and elsewhere are doing. If you truly want to get your home noticed and tongues wagging all over the neighborhood, it is a surefire trick.

Giulietti Schouten Architects

When you strip the structure of distractions such as coordinating trim color to body color, the eye is made to focus on the plan. When that layout is a fantastic modern one, the effect of an all-black exterior is minimalist and clean. Quite the wow factor.

r.o.i. Design

Proposing an all-black exterior could be somewhat Stephen King frightening for homeowners, as well as designers. Breaking it up with white highlighting and a brightly hued front door helps the home get a warmer reception.

This Victorian in San Francisco, designed by Envelope A+D, may have launched the black home trend as early as 2007. It garnered much attention when it was finished and revealed the world that black exteriors, all, were fascinating and edgy — not frightening.

The Clipper Residence that is little looks grand in all black. The modern frosted-glass garage door and vivid blue entry counterbalance the black facade, and add back the architectural details that got dropped in the paint. This initial design has spawned quite a few copies in San Francisco’s Victorian neighborhoods.

Natalie Myers

The team supporting Better Shelter in Los Angeles has this formula down to a science. They understand how to transform a catastrophic foreclosure in an underserved area into one of the most popular properties in the city. How better do you hide an ugly stucco job and get prospective buyers to notice your residence? Paint it black, of course, including the surrounding stucco enclosure.

Natalie Myers

Still another land by Better Shelter has a lime green door. The vivid and saturated hue is needed to maintain the structure cheerful from the possibly dreary black background. It also gives sellers that attention-grabbing part they desire. Lime green, teal, orange or reddish: Take the pick of daring front-door colors.

Natalie Myers

Black doesn’t have to be reserved for modern structures. It works on any style home, such as this Spanish one. It really makes small bungalows look larger and more formidable.

Natalie Myers

Walking around my neighborhood, I discovered this layout theory put to good use in a dark gray variant. This cute bungalow stood out among the other neutral white, beige and brown homes on the dense road because of its dark facade and beautiful sky blue front door. In bright sun, any black may become hardened and marginally faded into a dark gray.

Natalie Myers

Another home in my neighborhood, both small. As new structure, the designer might have picked any color; black has been the chosen shade of modern and edgy.

ras-a, inc..

Is that a movement that I’m noticing more in Southern California, or have you ever noticed it on your neighborhoods? It seems to work particularly well on small homes that otherwise wouldn’t seem very special.

Natalie Myers

Not surprisingly the married architects behind the popular site Chezerbey, Lauren and Kyle Zerbey, decided to paint their own bungalow in Seattle all black with bright white trim and warm wood accents. All black is the designers’ choice.

S / Wiley Interior Photography

So you’d like the idea, but you can not envision doing it on your daily residence? If you are lucky enough to have a holiday property, which can be where you experiment. A woodsy cabin is the reverse of rustic when it is painted. A lime green picnic table and teal door include that cheerful pop of color.

BAAN layout

A black home looks particularly amazing in the snow. Very serene and Nordic.

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