The best way to Clean a Crystal Ball

The objects d’art you decide to adorn your house should convey hints of your character while they talk to your own design aesthetic. Whether you use a crystal-ball as an interest, as a specialist instrument, or it is just a paper weight or sculpture that speaks to your own love of clear lines and styles, using measures to keep it clear signifies that it brightens the area and has a lengthy, dirt-free potential.

Water Cleanse

Place the stopper in your drain.

Place a towel and fill the sink two thirds complete with 1 or more gallons of water, including 2 tablespoons of sea salt for each gallon of water added. By stirring using a wooden spoon dissolve the salt. Ultimately, the ball should be completely covered by the water.

Immerse the ball in the water, keeping it so it crack and doesn’t fall.

Soak the ball to get a minimum of 2-4 hrs.

Remove the ball and dry it using a clean, lint-free fabric.

Place it in its foundation for show reasons or better yet, return it covering it using a fabric that is dark.

Incense Cleanse

Light cleaning incense, like sage, spot the incense in a flame-proof holder on the table as the crystal-ball, and frankincense or sandalwood. In the event that you use the ball for scrying, you need to clean the energies reflected and absorbed in the ball between periods.

Therefore it bathes the crystal-ball in its cleaning qualities the incense-smoke by means of your hand. This can be called smudging.

Extinguish the incense and conserve it for a cleaning that is later.

Clean the ball using a lint-free fabric.

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