The best way to Seal Mesquite Countertops

Strong hardwood are at least as tough as plastic laminates, although wood might appear just like a dangerous option for countertops. Hardwood features a grain which makes it attractive for floors and counter-tops, but sealing it special work is required by it. Tung oil, which can be also utilized to seal wood salad bowls and butcherblock, is a food- for sealing mesquite secure option. The oil soaks in to the wood’s pores, obviously resisting water and stains. The counter-top should enjoy an extended life with treatment that is routine.

Wipe off the counter-top using a clean rag if required, to remove any particles. It’s not required for for the counter-top as you will end up wiping the area several occasions through the process to be immaculate.

Mix bottle or a can of tung oil completely or stirring it using a paint stir stick.

Brush the counter-top – paint brush which is approximately 3″ broad.

Rub the oil to the mesquite having a rag using a circular movement and medium. Rub and helps it penetrate.

Wipe off the excess oil using a rag and allow the counter-top dry for around 2-4 hrs.

Brush another coat of tung oil on the counter-top.

Sand the mesquite yourself with very-good- sandpaper while the oil is still damp, operating back and forth using the grain of the wood. Don’t use an electric sander, and don’t sand in sand or circles from the grain, which can scar the wood.

Wipe the extra tung oil off using a rag, and brush still another coat of oil on the counter-top. Rub the oil to the wood using a rag, wipe the excessive off and permit the countertop dry over-night.

Brush on still another coat of tung sand and oil the counter-top again, this time. Wipe the excessive oil off brush on a brand new coat of oil, rub it in using a rag, wipe the excessive off and permit the countertop dry over-night.

Continue sanding with sand-paper and oiling before you’ve got sanded using the grit sand-paper.

Brush on mo-Re tung oil, and perform the oil to the wood with ultra-good-grade steel-wool. Much like the the sand-paper, perform with all the grain of the wood. Wipe the oil off, brush on a brand new layer, rub it in, wipe the excessive off and permit the counter-top dry over-night as you did when sanding.

Apply mo Re oil and perform the oil to the wood with ultra-great steel wool each day for as muchas one week, and for a-T least one month. The mo-Re programs of oil, the smoother as well as mo-Re tough and the tougher the tung oil-finish the counter-top will be. It’s virtually difficult to polish and oil the counter-top with ultra-great metal wool also significantly.

Maintain the counter-top by occasionally rubbing of tung oil using a rag on a brand new application.

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