Watercolors Inspire Dreamy Walls

Watercolors bring a gentle, elegant feel to interiors, but there’s no need to limit them . Instead, consider wall treatments that evoke exactly the exact same effect in new, unexpected ways. Have a look at these eight examples to spark your creative side.

Rippled brushstrokes and layers of blue create the undulating feel of the sea in this beach house.

Sara Ingrassia Interiors

This background combines the romance of classic maps using a soft, painterly feel. A powder room is the best size for a strong print such as this, which could overwhelm a larger space.

Philpotts Interiors

The wall, washed in subtle, gentle colours, brings a feeling of tranquility into the living room. The concrete columns frame it in a manner that funnels the eye directly toward the painted showpiece.

Fine Art & Portraits by Laurel

Misty, sultry swirls include a flirtatious notice to the boudoir and perform the curves of their furniture.

Bright Green

This dwelling wall takes outside artwork to an entirely new level. Intricately patterned plantings evoke the feel of a pointillist masterpiece. Specialty planters made to be mounted to vertical structures can help you re-create the look.

Phillips Collection

The cascade of color chips in this studio resembles a palette dabbed using pigments.

Chloe Warner

Even character gets in about the watercolor behave: Polished beige onyx bears a flowing pattern which resembles liquid splashed across the walls.


Art is for the inside. An oversize canvas highlights this al fresco seating area — a more novel choice than a conventional tile inset or a mural.

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