2012 Trends: New Appliances For Each Living Room

When you think about appliances, you likely think about cooking, cleaning and refrigeration. But now appliances are expanding into areas of your house beyond conventional kitchen and laundry rooms into mudrooms, secondary laundry spaces and fantastic rooms. And outside spaces host a number of the fastest-growing appliance tendencies.

The house entertainment appliance category is increasing too, as we incorporate our telephones and tablet computers into more areas of our own lives. Although you may not think of electronic equipment this way, they truly are entertainment and information appliances, so much so that the tremendous Consumer Electronics Show is featuring more appliance makers than ever. There is a special occasion for them today, where important brands are introducing goods they might have previously debuted at the International Builders Show or Kitchen & Bath Industry Show.

Have a look at these 2012 tendencies and you’ll find new inspirations for outfitting the distances you truly utilize and enjoy every day.

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Pizza ovens have become very popular in outdoor kitchens. Expect to see more economy entries and attributes in this growing class next year. As they become more widely accessible, low-priced imports are beginning to appear. Be sure your cooking appliances are safe, properly-installed and the right price point for your house value.

Lynx Grills, Inc..

Outdoor Warming Drawer – Lynx Professional Grills – $1,991

As outside living explodes in popularity, so does the collection of appliances made for them. Warming drawers are a fast-growing category, as they are as perfect for entertaining outside.


Outdoor toaster – Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet – $4,990

The business first outside dishwasher debuted at the 2011 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. I expect that we will see other entrants this season, as competitors have been working on these for years. Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, a firm known for its patio cooking art, conquer all of the big guys to market. Competition and more reasonable price points can’t be far behind.

James Dean Design

Outdoor entertainment systems are a big and growing category for all these spaces.

Like your indoor entertainment appliances, they have to be scaled properly for viewability and audio enjoyment. But unlike those in your living room, they also ought to be weather- and – water-friendly. So far, this has meant higher costs than those indoor components. Again, growing categories normally mean growing rivalry, which ought to bring lower price points after this season.

Second laundry rooms and laundry closets are a popular trend for bigger homes and multi-generational households. In the past several decades, we’ve seen European introductions of machines that both clean and dry, as well as panel-ready sets.

Katherine Kawaguchi

Another developing tendency for appliances is outfitting craft spaces with things like complex new sewing machines. Crafting is becoming particularly popular in the downturn as homeowners’ve stayed and played at home longer. We have also sought more opportunities to save, which has revived the prevalence of old-fashioned crafts like knitting, sewing and quilting. Look for new appliances geared toward such hobbies, including potential smart mobile tie-ins for patterns, designs as well as other interesting upgrades.

AV Awakenings

Pills such as the iPad have become significant home entertainment appliances. They control lighting, programming, sound, even climate control. Expect to see more programs and offerings in 2012 as this class explodes in popularity.

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Gaming consoles are another exploding entertainment appliance trend. After just for boys who like toys, they have become a whole-household film and TV programming source. They are perfect for rec rooms, fantastic rooms and even outdoor chambers.


Whirlpool Duet Steam Washer – $1,199

Among the hottest trends in laundry appliances is steam washing machine. Pretty much every manufacturer is offering you, with more entrants likely to emerge on the market this season as the class grows.

What are its advantages? Chief among them are time savings from not having to pre-treat spots and potentially better stain removal. Drawbacks? Remember when a washing machine used to cost a few hundred dollars? These babies will put you back upwards of $1,000. Additional competition will result in better pricing. It usually does, but the times of $200 washers are most likely as over as the times of a $2 per gallon gasoline.

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