Designing Your Own Kitchen: How to Configure the Sink?

You’ve decided on your kitchen sink cloth and how it will be mounted, but have you ever thought about just how many bowls you require? This is partly an aesthetic issue, as some prefer the easy clean lines of one bowl sink, but you need to also take into account the way you use your kitchen. Your cooking and cleaning tastes will dictate just how many bowls you want.

As far as cost goes, two or more independent sinks are obviously likely to be the most expensive setup — for the excess plumbing fixtures as well as the installation. Triple-bowl sinks are also typically priced higher than their single or double-bowl counterparts. However, the price ranges for single-bowl versus double-bowl sinks are fairly like cost has more to do with the sink material, mounting type, craftsmanship and size, not necessarily the number of bowls.

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Single Bowl

The single-bowl sink is my personal preference from the kitchen. I cook quite elaborate meals very often so I enjoy having a big and deep sink to function in.

I can wash large pots, pans and cutting boards readily, and I can even hide dirty dishes ( I might not have had the time to wash before guests arriving) in its own depths.

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The obvious downside to one bowl sink is that it is not an excellent multitasker. For those who mostly hand-wash their dishes, it is not as easy to wash, rinse and drain/dry dishes with only one sink bowl accessible.

The single-bowl sink is best, then, for those who mostly wash dishes with their dishwasher and who regularly have big items to hand-wash.

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Single bowl with integrated drainboard. Here’s an interesting feature for one bowl sink that will make hand-washing dishes a bit simpler and neater. An integrated drainboard allows you to wash, rinse and then set things apart to dry, all while maintaining the water runoff contained.


Two different single bowls. This really is a intelligent hybrid of the single- plus double-bowl sink. You get the benefits of one bowl (big, uninterrupted sink area) but have an excess sink readily available to wash veggies, wash hands and more. Two sinks signifies double the plumbing fixtures and a more expensive setup, so that is an issue to bear in mind if you enjoy this setup.

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Two different single bowls plus a third prep sInk. If you have the need, budget and space for it, this really is a sweet setup. I enjoy that one or two cooks could be at the primary bank of sinks prepping, cooking or cleaning up from dinner, while the kids or guests can wash their hands or bring a glass of water without even being underfoot.

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Dual Bowl

The very popular kind of kitchen sink, the double bowl, is a good selection for those who wash their dishes by hand or who want to be able to perform more than one task at the sink at once. As an example, one person can be standing at the sink washing up while another cook drains the pasta.

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One downside to the double-bowl sink is that due to the split bowls, neither bowl ends up being very big. This makes it awkward to wash large dishes. One way to get a bit more sink space and still have the flexibility of a double bowl is to select a sink that has unequal-sized bowls: a bigger bowl plus one smaller.

Frequently, the smaller bowl is even somewhat shallow, therefore this is where the trash disposal is still mounted. This gives you more space under the sink and disposal because it can be mounted higher. But, I have discovered some homeowners complain that the small sink ends up not being really useful and they wish they had a big single bowl, or even 2 distinct sinks rather.

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If you would rather the multitasking qualities of a double-bowl sink however want bigger bowls, check out your options in extra-wide double-bowl sinks. All these come in widths of 36 inches or longer, and give you plenty of space in which to work. However, they need a bigger sink cupboard compared to typical 24-inch, 30-inch or 36-inch dimensions, so make sure that you are able to accommodate these big guys before pulling the trigger.

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Triple Bowl

Now this really is a sink! You can easily wash and wash your dishes and still have another sink free for other jobs. This beauty takes up quite a bit of valuable real estate, however, since you eliminate a good bit of useable base cupboard space having to accommodate such a broad sink and its pipes. A triple-bowl sink is ideal for a generously sized kitchen where more than one cook could be prepping the meal.

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When choosing the number of sink bowls for your kitchen, consider factors like the number of cooks in your kitchen and the way you prep for and clean up after meals. If you’re a solo cook and then mostly use your dishwasher for cleanup, then a single-bowl sink is most likely your very best choice. For those with busy kitchens who need additional bowls for washing and pruning, you might choose to go with multiple sinks or a double- or triple-bowl sink.

Tell us Are you a lover of the single-, double- or triple-bowl sink? Share your views in the comments section below.

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