Guest Picks: Color Me Cookin'

I have rainbows in my own eyes for kitchen accessories! I have got something for brightly colored everything in my entire life, come to think of it. Pops of candy colors are the spice of life; Listed below are a couple of of my newest obsessions sure to make even the drabbest of times glow. — Kristin from The Cuisinerd

John Lewis

Typhoon Novo Bread Bin – GBP 60

Do bread boxes actually work? I hope so, because I see a brand new investment in my kitchen’s future.


These glasses have a serious sense of humor — the dented shape, the playful colors. They need something sweet in them ASAP!


A di Alessi Lily Bird Soy Sauce Container – $34

I’m officially making sushi for every meal for the rest of my life. Could this soy sauce container be any more adorable? No, I do not think it’s possible.


Heart Utensils – $12

Is it the simple fact that these disposable utensils are shaped like hearts, or that they look like a bag of hard candy? I’m in desperate need to plan a picnic so I could use these… heck, I would use them in the dining room table. They are that good.

Orange and Pear

Camp Cirrus Bumling Colorblock Round Tray – $48

It is the color blocker of platters. I love the pop of lime with those pinks — super chic.

John Lewis

John Lewis Coastal Oil Bottle – GBP 16

You could have a glass acrylic dispenser such as the rest of the world, of you could have one which looks like a pantone chip. Yeah, I thought so — offered.

Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Carving Forks – $38

I have been obsessed with the super servers made by Ladies & Gentlemen for quite a while. The most recent set is a somewhat milder color pallet which, to me, shouts old wooden sea buoy. Sail away with me!


Opinel Knife Set – $88

Meticulous knife work just got pretty.

Wolf & Badger

Faceted Boxes by Andrea Walsh Ceramics – GBP 375

I’m a bit fanatical for multipurpose objects. Though these might be intended for keeping precious tiny objects, all I’m thinking of is placing my freshly ground spices in the marketplace. Counter gems!


Spear Tray, Large – EUR 82

This tray is full of color, nature and life. It is just like a game board of happiness. Must possess.


Citrus Citrus-Squeezer – $45

This is 1 mean juicer. It is sleek and contemporary, and it looks like it could find some serious work done for you.

The Future Perfect

My Tea Pot, Yellow – $64

Gray and yellow is among my favourite color combos, but this tea kettle had me with this flashy red handle.


Mixed Greens Teaspoon Set – $34

I love the drama on rich tones and unexpected materials. Acrylic hasn’t seemed so swanky.


Agate Trivet – $17

These coasters are so glam, I would like to strap a gold chain to wear and tear as a necklace. Oh, so rock’n’ roll.

Gretel Home

Cake Stand, Red, Medium – $52

This cake stand is really playful. It would make for an amazing centerpiece with a drape-like wrought iron or terrarium on top. Oops! Another thing finished up in my shopping cart.


Rosti Rosti Scoop Spoon – Melamine – Lavender – $4

Purple is my favorite color. Sautéing is my favorite activity. This was easy.

The Future Perfect

Bluff City – $550

All aboard! This light fixture can turn boring overhead lighting on its head. How amazing would these look over a lovely industrial kitchen bar?

John Lewis

John Lewis Playnation Measuring Cups – GBP 10

I’m no baker. I’m a horrible accurate measurer. Maybe those things are connected? Measuring cups are a must for me and these look just my pace.

John Lewis

John Lewis Playnation Utensils – GBP 16

Is it just me or is your tong doing jumping jacks in the middle of all that color? I’d be too. Those are some seriously joyful kitchen gear.

Jeth Mortar and Pestle – GBP 104

This sunshine of a pestle and mortar has changed my mind about making garam masala from scratch. I could grind away with this joy — not 1 complaint.

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