Halloween Glam: Dress Your House in Bewitching Style

Design and decor enthusiasts have been inventing clever ways to make holiday decor harmonize with their houses, and the once-common kitsch is often being substituted for aesthetics and sophistication.

While Christmas and Thanksgiving may be easy to use thanks to their own naturally occurring themes, Halloween proves to be a small challenge. Novelty appears to take the reigns fairly tightly, and the idea of earning witches, bats and creatures can be jolting if you’re opting for decorations to swoon over.

However, with some thoughtful creativity, decorating to the October 31 can be stylish and appealing. The term “halloween glam” has swept in through broomstick, giving the vacation a gulp of its potion. Dressed to impress, Halloween glamour embraces candelabras, mirrors, glitter and much more. The typical colour scheme was enhanced with shades of ivory, and orange has taken a step back. Have a look to see what you can try in your home this season.

Delicate Creature

These two extended, ascending rows of white pumpkins look especially magical on the stairs. I am able to see this feeling even more like Halloween if a couple of pumpkins had images of creepy insects painted in glittery purple.


With everything you have, decorating can go a long way. It gives you an opportunity to see your bits from another perspective.

In this circumstance, a framed landscape of trees in the background matches the Halloween them flawlessly.

The sparkly skulls, mirrored surface and tall candelabras provide this vignette a glamorous vibe.

Restyled Home

The enjoyable costume details added to those photographs are ideal for Halloween. Look for classic photos at antique stores and at times thrift stores, or you may use your very own sepia-tone photos. The children would love it.

Seaside Interiors

Black, white and not a spec of orange creates a sophisticated sense — and you may have things like these in your home already. Just look round the home to see what you can utilize in your Halloween decor.

SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

Although this picture is not particular to the afternoon of tricks and treats, the worn classic rocking chair has no problem entertaining the idea it may slide by as Halloween-inspired decor. Smooth move, my buddy.


With a little encouraging from the mirror below, this shrub of skulls steps to the spotlight and provides a somewhat shining performance.

Try placing a mirror under a candelabra or something sparkly for extra dimension.

sarah & bendrix

Although not apparent at first glance, the expression in this mirror shows a framed skull print alongside a elegant chandelier. Both could be simple to introduce to your Halloween decor. You can easily enlarge a skull image you find on the internet and print it onto antique-white paper. Cut it down to match the size of a black framework that’s in your wall and voila!

As for the chandelier, you can usually find those on Craigslist and you don’t even have to wire it — the physical effect is sufficient in itself to be admired as a tasteful addition. Dress it up if needed, and you’re set.

Translucent lampshades set the tone for this Halloween screen, and the everyday bulbs have been swapped for orange ones. A grouping of common white vases anchor tall, black candlesticks, and mirrors make a glamorous glow.

Candelabras are extremely easy to find at thrift stores and may be spray painted any colour you desire. Make sure you pair them together with tall candles to find the vibe you’re trying for.

Erin Lang Norris

Shelley over at The House of Smiths is wonderfully creative, and her sweet vignettes never cease to amaze me. These plain white plates have been dressed to the nines with Shelley’s own decals, plus they help the skulls beneath seem rather magical. PS: Check out her shop to see what decals she’s to offer this Halloween.

Erin Lang Norris

Another view of Shelley’s Halloween screen, these candies jars look amazing! They are so much fun I don’t know if I could ever bring myself to let the jar run low. Your lollipops and gumdrops certainly deserve a better home than their current residence in a plastic bag, and they could as well look great in their space.

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