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Ah, Palm Springs. while I think of it, I believe of The Rat Pack, that swanky Sinatra location, The Kaufmann House, Alexander Package Homes, fields of wind wind generators, the desert alongside the brilliant blue skies, Peewee and Dotty in a dinosaur, the Prada Outlet, the oasis of pools, vibrant Blenko bottles, mid century modern furnishings, orange turquoise and white, the diverse Jonathan Adler Designs in The Parker Palm Springs, Suzanne Somers’ mad contraption which gets guests up the mountain to her home, Kathy Griffin’s star on The Walk of Fame…as well as the list continues.

What’s Desert Modern Design? It’s certainly not restricted to Palm Springs while Palm Springs is the initial place that comes to mind. Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico have a lot of desert inspiration to provide. Desert Contemporary is now whatever you would like to make of it, inspired its past by environment, and potential requirements. We have noticed this is proven by the smart and thrifty owners of The Brick Home. It may be Sinatra-esque palm-leaves background. It could be a dialogue pit. It may entail the most recent methods to preserve water and locate some shade that is cooling. When you view it it the one point it usually has is a large touch of enjoyment you understand it, plus it really never takes itself too seriously. Below are a few good examples of Desert Contemporary from houzz that is around.

Kanner Architects – CLOSED

This house using the amazing canters is really in Malibu, but this stunning picture of the construction protruding to the heavens using the mountains is an excellent example of excellent architects react to the landscape with design and contemporary engineering.


The brilliant orange woodstove the cozy sectional as well as the never-ending glass is very good example of present day desert modern-style.

Amy Lau Layout

This pub region is a place where Sammy, Dean, and Frank could sense right in the home.

I will be in awe of the manner Pal-M Springs Contemporary design has been re interpreted by Jonathan Adler with traditional Bertoias geometry, colours that are vibrant as well as diverse touches.

The Brick Home

The Lad along with Morgan have admirably furnished and styled their desert dwelling with finds. To see mo-Re, take a look at their houzz interview here.

The Brick Residence

I can not resist a chance of the entrance of their house. They’d however to do every thing they needed to using the lawn the shift of the outside is indeed striking, although when this is taken.


Turquoise, white and orange are a Palm Springs combo that is great.

This vignette is a homage to the Rat Pack times.

JR Studio Style – Joel Robare

Thus does this one.

Marmol Radziner

A punctuated bunker stands up to the components and plays with peekaboo desert views.

Marmol Radziner

Here it’s from another side, lit-up during the night.

Cutout partitions certainly are an excellent desert contemporary touch.

Suzman Style Associates

Modern sculpture with all the desert mountain landscape in the the back ground is an excellent add-on.

OJMR Architects

A high-ceiling, white partitions, glass doorways, curtians that are straightforward and also the punctuation of the wood media wall give modern-style to this living room desert.

Amy Lau Layout

Another outsized sectional total of punches of colour against walls that are mild would fit in in virtually any desert holiday.

Cut out displays accessorized with hanging crops get this to ethereal and open area ideal for the desert.


The uncomplicated palette of the kitchen, clear lines, as well as orange Emeco bar stools are desert contemporary divine fashion.

More Jonathan Adler interpretation of Pal-M Springs’ awesome fashion, where new and the aged generate a fantastic place to sofa.

Okay, I confess it, I will be completely stuck on Adler’s Parker – it is an excellent example of the way in which the desert can be worked in by a palette of several feels.

I swear, here is the final Adler shot, but I saved the most readily useful for last – a dialogue fire pit that’s actually a prescription for anti- dwelling.