Renaissance Spirea Treatment & Maintenance

Renaissance spirea (Spirea x vanhouttei “Renaissance”), also also referred to as bridal wreath spirea, is a big shrub that produces masses of white flowers on arching branches. Suitable for growing in Sunset’s Environment Zones A1 to A3 through 43 and 21 through 11, 14, Renaissance spirea can engage in a landscape strategy which includes greater shrubs or makes a stunning specimen plant.


Renaissance spirea is a fast growing, deciduous shrub that grows to a width of 6 to 10-feet along with a height of 5 to 8-feet at maturity. It’s arching branches that give a type similar to a fountain to the plant. The branches are covered with little, blue green leaves and bear clusters of tiny flowers. Renaissance spirea typically flowers in late spring but has the potential to continue blooming. Its flowers provide butterflies and bees into your backyard.


Renaissance spirea grows and flowers best when planted in full sunlight, even though it could do well in partial shade. It prefers moist, well- drained soil and requirements – watering except during warm spells, when additional watering is recommended. Fertilize your plant before new growth starts. Use a method that is well-balanced, implementing it by either foliar mixing or spraying fertilizer to the soil.


Before blooming starts remove any undesirable stems and branches out of your Renaissance spirea in springtime. To to manage the dimensions of your plant, prune again stems to strong-side-shoots in the summer, after blooming has completed. A hand or use hedge trimmers clipper to shear the ideas of smoothing the general form of the plant, arching branches and reducing back any stems that are particularly extended.


Diseases and several bugs can impact Renaissance spirea. Spirea aphids become distorted, might happen in huge numbers, feeding on leaves till they curl and and finally fall in the plant. The plant using a powerful water stream to assist eliminate the bugs or, if infestation is severe, use an insecticide or insecticidal soap labeled successful against aphids. Renaissance spirea is vulnerable to a number of diseases, including verticillium wilt and grey mould. These illnesses cause yellowing of leaves, browning of flowers and loss in leaves in late summer. Prune back impacted sterilizing resources between uses parts of the plant, and spray with the appropriate fungicide if infestation becomes extreme.

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