Space We Love: Down the Rabbit Hole

Well, psychologist me ridiculous and rename me Alice! This fantasy playroom constructed by Minnesota general builder Andy Schrader caught our eye this week. If I had been a child I’d absolutely want to adhere to this white rabbit wherever he’s in a hurry to arrive at!

Located at a luxurious, 8,600 square foot house in Edina, Minn., this key playroom is where anybody — kids and adults alike — would love to find refuge in every day.

Schrader & Companies

Custom painted by Luna Murals, the White Rabbit greets you in the 4’6″ high entry, which makes you want to follow him down a tunnel that actually gets smaller as you walk . The height at the end of the tunnel is 4′. Since Paul Hughes of Schrader Companies states,”It was a significant feat for its sheet rockers to make this look right.”

“Do not mind me, I’m late… I’m late!”

Schrader & Companies

Here is a view of the inviting entryway found at the side of a guest room. The entrance is under a stairwell landing under a volcano that is submerged. “When Andy designed the house, we had this excess space and we proposed to the customer this concept for the room to generate the house family-friendly,” Hughes says. In case the playroom hadn’t been designed, it would have become storage space underneath the staircase.

Schrader & Companies

The tunnel, aka”the rabbit hole,” contributes to a delightful discovery: a key Alice-in-Wonderland playroom. Furniture proportionally oversized for kids plus a giant teapot are ideal for a tea party for large little people. Low ceilings add to the impact in this 8’x10′ room, and painted quotations and lovely murals inspire fun playtimes.

Produced by Andy Schrader
Interior layout and staging by Anita Sullivan

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