Stone Walls

As a child, I was raised with visits to my grand parents’ home in Ct, in Ohio. Among many things that stood out about this unique-tome location was the lovely stone walls that appeared to go on eternally. In our bedroom neighborhood filled with cul de sacs outside Cincinnati, these historical reminders were far between and few – if any had existed, they had been torn aside to fill every area that was open with tract houses.

Maybe that is how I was raised to be such an Andy Goldsworthy lover. I am just a sucker for an attractive stone wall. When it is a historical house in Bucks County PA, a college house in the midwestern United States, a modern residence in California or a cottage in Wy, utilizing this organic substance ties the house to its environment in a way that is stunning.

Dufner Heighes Inc

Is not this wall unbelievable? I really like the layout that is uncommon.

Dufner Heighes Inc

Just what a way to indicate an entry! That is this kind of interesting design – the big rocks give nature to it and break it up.

Globus Builder

Something about flagstone houses gives an atmosphere of security. Maybe it is because of resisting puffing and huffing in fairytales.

James Cleary Architecture

I am quite obsessed with this Connecticut lakehouse recently. Historically, bases were made of stone, and here ground floor and the rock base is a good transition involving the creating as well as the natural environment.

Ron Herman Landscape Architect

Here the tough stones are ordered to give definition that was rectilinear to the lawn.

Ron Herman Landscape Architect

Samuel H. Williamson Associates

This stonewall wraps up with dash.


Elizabeth Dinkel

Stone walls include scads and large play of feel inside.

James Cleary Architecture

They’re not only restricted to hearths either.

Sutton Suzuki Architects

A wood wall across from a stone wall is just dazzling.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Feldman Architecture, Inc.


The flagstone in The Radius Home is a portion of the interaction between inside and out.


450 Architects, Inc.

It is a restoration in Croatia, where certainly old world craftsman were at creating with stone pros.