The best way to Pollinate a Sugar Baby Watermelon

Sugar child watermelons (Citrullus lanatus) are a seeded diploid watermelon whose title signifies its small-size and sweet taste. The sugar child watermelon pollination method demands the elimination of pollen in the male flower to the flower where it fertilizes the plant and allows for the development of seeds and fresh fruit. In character, birds and bugs execute this, but at home it could be done by hand as well in case your timing is perfect.

Watch your sugar child watermelon crops in the planting season as the summer rolls around. The male flowers of the plant open providing warning the flowers are shortly to come and can look. Note which stay closed so you might notice when the flowers have opened and which are the flowers. The flowers open for 1 day per season therefore it’s important that you’re in a position to to identify it when they do.

Grab hold of one of the flowers throughout the mid-morning hours on the day the flowers that are female ultimately do open. Pluck out all the flower petals guarding the stamens in the center of the flower that is male. Bend the flower and rub the stamens against its heart. Where it’s going to pollinate the plant, the honey-like pollen should transfer to the the feminine flower.

Till all have been pollinated repeat the procedure with each flower. This provides you with the greatest opportunity for for success. Rub the stamens on average 10 to 1 5 instances to ensure a transfer of pollen that is sufficient.

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