The best way to Wire a Ceiling Fan

Its own housing and a large ceiling fan motor aren’t the simplest issues to when you’re atop a ladder attempting to wire up the enthusiast to to go. Manufacturers make the the job more easy with an integrated hook that hangs off the ceiling plate, or a wire connected to some screw that is central in the ceiling junction box. This supports the weight of the lover while you join the wires rising to these in the lover in the junction box.

Turn off the breaker managing the circuit working to the ceiling fan. Double-check that it’s off by utilizing a non-contact circuit tester on the cable in the ceiling, examining for chirps or flashes indicating a circuit that is live.

Pull the fan’s wires rising in the bottom of the motor through the supplied downrod and screw the threaded end of the downrod yourself to the motor housing. Slide the canopy over the downrod.

Mount a ladder and grasp the power cable rising in the junction box. Slit the last 6″ of the cable sheathing using a utility knife. Circle the bottom of the slit together with the knife to to slide the sheathing off. Pull the separation paper inside the cable that handles the wires off. Nick the insulation using a wire stripper so you don’t nick the wire itself — of the last inch of every wire and drive the insulation off to expose the copper wires that are bare.

Dismount the ladder, grasp the motor and re-mount the ladder. Hook the motor in place; the hook positions the motor side ways briefly, enabling you access to the wires you need to link, and also supports the motor’s fat while you perform.

Twist the cable provide the ceiling fan wires together black to copper to bare copper as well as wires. Pinch the ideas of the wires using a slip joint pliers and twist the last inch of wire clock-wise. Twist a wire nut clockwise on each wire pairing that is twisted. Fold the wires that are related to the junction box. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to screw the canopy to the mounting plate, the blades to the brackets, as well as the brackets to the motor. Flip the circuit-breaker back on.

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