The way to eliminate Large, Partially Buried Rocks From a Yard

Massive rocks or boulders that stick out of the ground can create difficulties for home owners. At the yard, the rocks make mowing more of a chore as you need to mow around them and use a trimmer to cut the grass which grows against the stone’s sides. In the garden, big rocks disrupt spacing and also create tilling harder. Boulder removal might take several people based on the magnitude of this stone.

Dig across the sides of the stone with a shovel until you arrive at the bottom of the stone. If the stone is small enough to lift, move it back and forth until it loosens from the bottom, and lift it into a wheelbarrow for hauling.

Dig a gradual slope on one side of this stone to roll it out of the hole if it is too large to lift. Put several lengths of sturdy pipe parallel to the stone and every other like rungs of a ladder on level ground in the end of the slope so they don’t roll down toward the stone. Place a sheet of plywood big enough to hold the stone in addition to the pipes.

Place a smaller stone or block of timber on the ground beside the stone on the side opposite the slope. Use the cube for a fulcrum to lever the stone out of the hole on the slope. Pry up the stone until it comes loose and falls onto the plywood. Depending on how deep the stone was, you might want to repeat the levering procedure to move the stone along the slope toward the timber in increments. Deeper holes will require more slopes.

Roll up the plywood the slope and along the ground. Push the end of the plywood until a pipe is exposed. Set the pipe in the other end of the plywood so you have a constant supply of rollers to move the stone over the ground to some other location.

Break rocks which are too heavy to lift or even sloping from the ground. Search for a natural stress line in the stone. Drill a hole at stake with a stone drill bit.

Insert a plug and feathers tool into the tip of the drilled hole with the horizontal slide of this plug parallel to the break line. Strike the end of the plug having a large hammer until the stone starts to split. Repeat as necessary until the stone splits into small enough bits to carry.

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