Top Carpet-Cleaning Tips You Should Keep in Mind

When doing carpet cleaning, many people start and stop at vacuuming. While vacuuming the carpet is helpful, it’s not all there is to carpet cleaning Anchorage. There are different ways to remove stains and clean the carpet, depending on the stains that the carpet has.

For basic cleaning, you should vacuum your carpet on a weekly basis. This, however, only applies for normal traffic carpets. Sections that experience major traffic need regular vacuuming, at least two times a week. Vacuuming keeps your carpet safe by getting rid of gritty particles. When these particles accumulate, they eventually cut the carpet fiber.

Pay extra attention to carpet sections around the radiator and baseboards. These are commonly hard to reach sections that do not get as much cleaning attention as they should, and at times, get ignored altogether.

Wall-to-Wall Carpets

Wall-to-wall carpets require special attention. You must be keen on how you vacuum this carpet or you will end up spreading the dirt to parts you have already cleaned. First, establish 4 quadrants of the carpet area. Vacuum each of them independently before you can move to the next one.

Anchorage carpet cleaning is not something that you do in a hurry or when you do not have the time to spare. Allow yourself enough time to vacuum the carpet. If you have plush carpets, there’s a high chance that the dirt will get entangled deep within the fibers. For this reason, even if you are using a high powered vacuum, a single pass will never be enough to remove the dirt. Make sure you run the vacuum over the sections more than once. Work over the carpet slowly so that the suction action can remove all the dirt and dust from the ground up.

You also have to be careful with the parts of the carpet where people move their feet, or where people sit. Treat these as high traffic areas. For efficient cleaning, pass the vacuum cleaner over them in a crisscross pattern. The vacuum stroke should overlap each time, to remove even the deepest embedded dirt.

Soil Retardant

Once you are through cleaning the carpet, apply soil retardants to keep it in good condition. This can also be done for carpets that are still new. When applying soil retardant, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. There are techniques that are recommended for each retardant. You must also apply the retardant only with the appropriate equipment.

Odor Prevention

There’s never a guarantee that your carpet will retain its new aura and smell forever. When you are cleaning the carpet, you should consider a few alternatives that will help in fighting odor. One of these is using baking soda. Adding some baking soda to the vacuum bag will help you prevent bad odor. There are also other odor fighting mechanisms and products that are available in the market, which will make your work easier. More importantly, remember that carpet cleaning Anchorage AK has to be done as often as necessary.