What Is in Your Garden?

You’ve done your tilling, weeding and planting. Now is the time to soak up the beauty. Did you walk out into your backyard now to be surprised by something gorgeous or yummy in your flower bed, stone garden or vegetable patch? We would love to see it.

When you give birds seeds, then they will often plant a few for you. I am never able to plant sunflowers as well as blue jays can.

Leslie Ebert

Have you ever created a raised-bed backyard? Share a photo and tell us what you planted and how it’s doing.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Is your outside dining area in its entire glory?

Michelle Jacoby, Changing Spaces

Or have you found a way to garden off the floor?

Show usShare your best garden photo here. Just click the Comments box and”sew Pictures,” then upload your own photo and tell us about it.

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