Wood Slats in Layout: Light, Scale and Repeat

Wood slats are a favorite device in modern buildings. Commonly used as partitions, the spaced and parallel parts of wood let atmosphere and light to regularly pass through. Yet coupled with other stuff that are adjoining the slats also can become enclosures.

Their attractiveness is connected to these outcomes along with the repeat that provides these partitions a little, as well as fine, scale. The next examples give two glances of every use of wood slats — close up and far — illuminating a number of the allure of the surfaces.

Architects Magnus

This home in San Diego, California includes wood slats in to the garage quantity. The spatial arrangement of the flat wood pieces is apparent in the glowing garage-doors (joined using a see-through plastic or glass, no question) as well as the guardrail that reaches the correct as well as the 2nd-floor French doors. A closer look …

Architects Magnus

… Shows the wood slats additionally function as guardrails to get a big patio on the garage. Here they’re coupled with steel railings to make an opening on the entry. We also can begin to see the expansion of the wood slats throughout the glass doors in the space.

Fougeron Architecture FAIA

This home in Carmel, California is fronted by a one-story wall of wood slats that transforms from opaque to porous depending on what’s occurring behind it. Entry is allowed by a cut in the wall to the home by means of a wooden path. A closer look …

Fougeron Architecture FAIA

… shows the bath room behind among the opaque portions of the wall, next to a backyard deck. The wood slats next to views and the deck filter sunlight, while bringing in sunlight including some solitude.

Fougeron Architecture FAIA

Like the previous example, a wall of wood slats fronts this home created by by Anne Fougeron. Because of this residence that is urban, the slats certainly are a continuance of the wood wall beneath, however see-through instead of sound. A big picture window stands right out of the two kinds of wood therapy …

Fougeron Architecture FAIA

… As in case the wood slats are cut throughout by the window. The opening cut to the wall of the last example is recalled by this. Here we can get near to the slats, viewing the rectangular contour of every piece of the supports as well as wood. The wood slats give some solitude to the outside space that is shallow to their rear.

BAAN style

Using wood slats with no wall is restricted to guard rails, fences, as well as other uses where the the room behind is open to the components. This drop is an unusual case of a enclosure that will not need a water and atmosphere obstacle. A roof with see-through plastic spills water from your inside …

BAAN layout

… Which can be used to put away sails, surfboards and kayaks. Wood columns help the roof and wood slat partitions, and the equipment is supported by steel bar S cantilevering from from their website. The architects utilized wood slats to give some safety to the openair drop, but in addition to reduce the dimensions of members necessary for building, since shipping a steep incline down was a problem.

This stunning house in Austin, Tx is composed in glass-on the very best, wood in the centre, and a part: rock in the bottom. The wood slats assist make the transition involving the strong clear preceding and below. Semi- the look lightens and dampen the top border.


In an identical house revealed in the last picture, the expansion of the wood slats after dark little roof of the 2nd floor enables the spectacular views of the setting not to be completely hidden. They also join together with the roof to body the horizon and behave just like a veil.

Created by by Alterstudio and additionally in Tx, this task comes with a courtyard with levels in scales and a variety of substances. Wood slats are employed above a big opening which links outside and interior …

From your inside we are able to note the space is really double-peak, as well as the wood slats help dampen the sun entering.

Nic Darling

This case shows what sort of wood- wall might be incorporated with more conventional wood shingles. The look is undoubtedly more modern, but it isn’t at odds using the levels that are next. The finer scale of the slats is united with little square openings …

Nic Darling

… As well as a grid of mo Re windows behind the slats (hardly perceptible here) that permits light to filter through the slats. Here the slats certainly are a 2nd wall that assists the original house is related to by this glass quantity. In addition they empower distinct looks outdoor (where they appear like arbitrary pixels) …

Nic Darling

… and interior (where they come in in a grid of squares). Notice the slats observable through three of the tiny windows in the space.

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