Create a Stir With Paint

Paint is the most gratifying and most economical method. And if you do not like it? Well, you can paint over it. But sometimes it is hard to escape the rut: white walls, maybe gray or a light pastel if you’re feeling very daring. And possibly, simply to mix things up, an accent wall. I’m guilty of everything.

However this is simply a drop in the toaster bucket of what paint can do to get a room. It can literally alter it. It can create interesting architecture where none is. It can appear to raise ceilings, make regular floors look like designer brainstorms and mimic expensive wallpaper.

And also the only requirements are several fantastic brushes (really, making a difference), a few buckets of paint, some patience and a great deal of imagination. Let these chambers function as inspiration.

Artistic Designs for Living

The Painted Ceiling

Many people think painting a ceiling creates a room feel close or small. This vibrant pink ceiling determines the color scheme for the room and also draws the eye up, making the room seem bigger. So there.

This custom paint job (OK, so you probably couldn’t manage this in your own) mimics the grand design of a French ballroom. If the ceiling were white, this dining room would look similar to one in a McMansion.

Carson Poetzl, Inc..

Abstract traditional patterns and colors can provide great inspiration. Greek important patterns, Mayan zigzags, Indian paisleys, Moorish trellises — that the entire world is your oyster. And you do not have to rely on your own wobbly hand: Stencils are offered for many conventional designs.


This bold orange ceiling benefits from amazing lighting and a sudden color choice. Everything about this room will be made better by this ceiling.

colorTHEORY Boston

Why not improve what few architectural flourishes you might have? This is not a magnificent room, architecturally speaking, but the complementary turquoise and sunflower colors enhance what is there and make it lively and fun.

Benedict August

Painting the insides of shelves is a fantastic way to add color and depth to a room. These people went for off-kilter stripes onto the ceiling. And why not?

Frederick + Frederick Architects

The Painted Floor

Original hardwood floors are like sacred cows to many people, and painting one is a daring, daring move. But only look at these outcomes.

Catherine Nguyen Photography

Holy cannoli. This custom-painted floor to get a girl’s playroom is simply stunning.

Shoshana Gosselin

Patterned Walls

This designer created these rings by developing a stencil from a pizza box. What is that for non invasive awesomeness?

Blount Architectual and Interior Design

Stripes and Shapes

The hard part with stripes is taping the wall. But the result is pretty spectacular (and it is a good deal less expensive than background ).

Vanessa De Vargas

These seemingly random geometric contours add so much to this white room: color, for one, but also playfulness, depth and a background for items worthy of display. I love it.

Marie Grabo Designs

I also adore this slightly organic-looking wave pattern. As for color, it seems as if the designer chose a paint chip and only down the line, from darkest to lightest — a great way to ensure that tones and hues work together.

Peg Berens Interior Design LLC


Make your walls your canvas. Murals create a complete environment in a room. For me this simple tree onto a purple backdrop feels peaceful and calming. You?

Stephen M. DeOrio

Trompe L’oeil

No, this is not an actual skylight. Nor are those real birds or clouds. For all I know, this is a perfectly flat ceiling. That’s correct, this incredible illusion was created using paint. (Stating the obvious: You’ll need a professional.)

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