How to Use Color Having an Open Floor Plan

I am a colour consultant, and one of the biggest concerns my customers have is the way to use color with an open floor plan. These days, many houses are built in which the rooms open up to a another. This is very good for fun and keeping an eye on the kids, but if it comes to painting, many homeowners are not sure where to start and stop each colour.

Some people today opt to use 1 color throughout the entire region, but they’re still challenged by how to use accent colors to unify the space and make it feel more cozy. If this is your dilemma, here are some helpful tips.

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If your area has a bulkhead or soffit, treat this part differently than the remainder of the walls and ceiling, and then continue this treatment throughout. Use paint or wallpaper, or be revolutionary. In this home, the designer used stained bamboo plywood on the bulkhead and wrapped it around the entire area like a ribbon.

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At a large open area in which the walls are white, color is essential to help ground the space and keep it from feeling too sterile. Add color with attachments. This space is unified with the same orange and green accent colors used in the living area and the kitchen.

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An additional way to anchor a huge space is to create a central seating area. With it is fun, eye-catching chartreuse color, this sectional not just provides comfortable seating, but makes a fantastic focal point.

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When deciding upon a main colour, use a warm, joyful colour on the walls. Using sunny yellow is a sure way to cozy up an open area. Notice in which the secondary colour — a complementary shade of blue — was used in the kitchen and on the accent accessories and fabrics.

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Do not restrict your room to one paint color. Even open spaces have angles and corners where you can naturally start and stop different colors, so be imaginative. Bold hues and patterns will make your big room feel more comfortable.

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Large, open kitchens may feel stark — especially if the cabinets are white. To remedy this, 1 trick is to use vibrant accent colors. Red is excellent color to use in the kitchen. It is a lively, energetic color that will create an inviting area.

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In case you have an open kitchen and you prefer to stain your cabinets, go to get a dark end. Deeper stains supply a rich, elegant appearance that also help make a cavernous kitchen feel more welcoming.

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Offer your big space a sense of humor. Big, open spaces can sometimes seem too severe, but you are able to inject a little whimsy by doing the unexpected. This designer used chairs in several distinct colors. The outcome is a fun, flirty space.

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