12 Ways to Reduce the Ladder

As a brief girl, I’m quite grateful for my folding step ladder on a daily basis. Perhaps that’s the reason I have begun noticing an increasing number of ladders used in interiors. Maybe not your carpenter’s shed ladder, but the salvaged vintage variety or the custom-built architectural kind. Let us analyze the trend.

Repurposed ladders do not have to stay vertical to be useful. Hang a ladder to make a clever pot rack.

This vintage ladder is a perfect display alternative for grain-sack linens. The combo, in context with the other classic marketplace finds throughout the space, conjure up a casual and comfy yet tastefully accented shabby chic/country feel.

Dreamy Whites

Shallow ladders are fantastic for holding linens or towels, but somewhat deeper step ladders can become display areas for small curio collections such as these vintage soda bottles with spring buds. Simply lovely.

And why not turn the ladders into makeshift leaning bookshelves? I have seen this style recreated by leading retailers, so locate the originals at your local antiques marketplace and beat them to the punch to get much cheaper.

Dwelling on Design, Deborah Derocher

This towel holder in a modern toilet is a small ladder with a wood finish to coordinate with the vanity. Subtle and elegant.

Chr DAUER Architects

Let’s not forget that the major purpose of a ladders would be to secure you you to greater areas. Here’s a gorgeous example of a custom sliding ladder resulting in a large storage nook.

Philpotts Interiors

This enjoyable ladder in a kid’s room can be utilized to reach high storage compartments while adding extra display space for toys and stuffed animals. I would just make sure you have an older, responsible child inhabiting this room because smaller children can be accident prone, as most of us know.

Who doesn’t dream of a itchen with unlimited storage and shelves which you can really attain? The built-in sliding ladder looks phenomonal and helps optimize storage.

Ian Moore Architects

Here’s a really slick black-on-black ladder and bookshelves. The black furniture with white walls and floor complete this urban minimalist look. Quite racy.

Tanner Vine – 2Go Custom Kitchens Inc

And here’s a more subtle variant of a ladder to get tall bookshelves that I picture more people can view in our own homes. Such well styled white bookshelves with contrasting dark timber sliding ladder is a high-class conventional look.

Charlie & Co.. Design, Ltd

I have demonstrated this picture before, but I still admire just how much glamour the ladder and chandeliers add to this mudroom. This combo would seem equally persuasive in a walk-in room.

Don’t forget that sometimes we locate ladders which are so beat up, it’s better not to bring them indoors. I do like the concept of using them as foundation to get a climbing garden, though. Waste not, want not.

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