The best way to Use Ceramic Tile Cutters

A tile cutter is a hand-run device to make straight cuts. It contains a foundation having a minor rise down its center-line, supports at every end of the foundation that maintain one or two rails that are rigid as well as a scriber having a breaking scoring and bar wheel that slides along the rails. It has adjustable try-square and a set fence that retains tile in location for reducing. A tile cutter makes fast work of slicing tiles to to match edges and borders.

Mark the tile together with the marker where you want to reduce it. Place the tile from the cutter’s fence using the glazed side facing upward. Line up the cut mark the tile on using the elevated center-line of the foundation. Adjust for slicing the try-square to support the the tile in alignment. Generally, thumb screws or wing-nuts hold in place the try-square. Abandon the try-square set up until all tiles are cut if reducing several tiles to the dimensions.

Lightly oil the wheel of the scriber. Set the scriber’s cutting wheel on the tile edge closest to you. Push the scriber down the rails away from you before you come to the conclusion of the rails, placing pressure that is gentle manage as you drive. Make one company push-to score the the top of tile. Don’t pull the scriber again toward you.

Position the breaker bar in the end of the tile. When you total the stroke, the breaker bar on the rear of the scriber will immediately be in the position that is right. Press manage to snap the tile in two along the line that is scored.

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