9 Characteristics to Consider for Your Dream Bathroom

Bathrooms were designed to be functional, hardworking rooms. But now’s endless layout designs and fixture options give us the chance to create a space that we can actually enjoy being in. Now, the challenge is to design a toilet that gives the functionality of the past when representing our personal fashion.

No matter what size or shape of toilet you’re working with, these tips can help you add luxury and personality into your space, without compromising practicality.

Narrow bathrooms can have plenty of personality. Have fun with a more compact space like this with over-the-top wallpaper and glamorous fittings and fixtures. Custom vanities, like the ones in the photo, offer fashion and storage.

Tip: Installing mirrored glass at least one wall creates the illusion of space. Mirrors on opposing walls operate much better. If your towel rail is on a wall in which you want a mirror, operate with your glass manufacturer to install the mirror round the rail.


Double-duty bathrooms work hard, therefore place effort into designing a workable space. This bathroom makes good use of existing plumbing fixtures with a compact washer/dryer. Added storage for cleaning clothes and products would be beneficial, too.

Tip: A standard washing machine is often deeper than standard cabinetry. Bear this in mind if you’re getting flat package vanity and you want to hide your appliances from a hinged door.

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Cozy seating is quite nice for giving yourself a pedicure or enjoying any sun and solitude.

Tip: Upholstered seating fabric in baths works best if it is mould resistant, so choose an outdoor fabric for these regions.


If you’re blessed with an extra-large toilet, you have the chance to work in a healthy mix of artificial and natural lighting, zoning of major wet areas, lots of storage and a place to sit.

Tip: Attempt a mix of darker timbers and soft furnishings at a large space to stop it from looking and feeling too much like a public toilet.


A shower market is a practical and stylish vessel for many of our necessities. A permanent tiled market not only looks great, it won’t gather mould, as a plastic hanging storage unit can.

Tip: Tiling can break or make a toilet. If you want a contemporary-looking shower, use a craftsman tiler to miter the tiles, rather than installing prefabricated edging — this will create a seamless-looking niche.

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Of course, privacy is obviously important in a toilet. Unlike other rooms, toilet window treatments need to let in natural light while keeping prying eyes out. Sheer blinds are a practical choice, while opaque film is a cost-effective alternative.

Tip: If you have enough space for a luxurious bath below a window like this one, install window colors with a top option to let light in without forfeiting privacy.

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Dual sinks are more of a necessity than a luxury at a family toilet. They help avoid arguments and maintain the morning ritual going.

Tip: A minimum of 6 ft of overall counter space is best if you’re installing two sinks.

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Shower seating doesn’t have to seem like it belongs in a hospital. If you’re renovating your bathtub, request the contractor to frame a seat ready for tiling. In smaller showers, a corner seat will require less space.

Tip: in case you don’t have the room or budget for built-in seats, a little stool constructed from a waterproof material like stone is a thoughtful addition to almost any bathtub.

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Floor heating is a popular and energy efficient means to heat baths. This heating method provides an even temperature throughout the space and provides programmable thermostats. Lowering the air flow in the outside is perfect for individuals with allergies.

Tip: even when you’re not renovating or building a new toilet, you can place in floor heating system. Some manufacturers have heating mats that can be stapled onto the subfloor or up between the joists.

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