Designer's Touch: 10 Playful Nursery Rooms

Having trouble deciding on a nursery design that is functional yet chic? Finding a balance between baby-friendly requirements and also an adult sense of style certainly isn’t easy. However, any room can be transformed into a nursery with a little bit of thought and effort. Simply employ any of those 10 spectacular expert designer suggestions to make the ideal space for the baby.

Anita Roll Murals

1. It’s all in the decals. Bring home your precious new infant to a place brimming with personal style. Vinyl wall decals can be reused, do not lose adhesive or damage painted walls. Even better — simply peel them off and throw them away when your little one is not a baby no more.

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2. Magical molding. Surround existing bookshelves with whimsical moldings to make a delightful look for a baby’s room. It’s the ideal frame for the Dr. Seuss collection.

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3. Classic baby. Wrap the whole nursery with wainscoting to include classic and timeless distinction to your nursery. The higher the wainscoting, the taller the ceiling will appear.

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4. Tented elegance. Install fabric onto the ceiling of the own nursery to get a tented result to delight the eye. Nothing says tasteful more than layers upon layers of fabric.

PROjECT insides + Aimee Wertepny

5. Background wonderment. Follow this particular designer trick on your nursery to get a 2-for-1 payoff — put in a wall covering onto the ceiling to get magnificent decor and a component which stimulates your baby’s eyes at precisely the same moment.

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6. Royalty room. Drape fabric for a backdrop to make a canopy that’s fit for a little princess or prince. (Caution: Be sure it’s well out of reach of little fingers being able to pull it down, which is a security hazard.) Follow this designer’s lead and put in a crystal chandelier as the crown jewel of the nursery.

Jennifer – Rambling Renovators

7. I will have a window seat, please. Put in a window seat with a flip-up shirt for extra seating and storage to house all your loved ones toys, supplies and books. Nothing is far better than sitting alongside the window on a perfect day.

Remy Stressenger

8. Double the enjoyment. Having twins is a couple — well, two handfuls to be precise. Place your cribs on opposite sides of the nursery to provide each twin with their own space.

9. Let your love shine. Install soft and soothing wall sconces to accomodate your newborn’s sensitive eyes. Ambient lighting is always a better alternative at a nursery than harsh overhead light.

Janice Peters, Distinctive Decor

10. Posh tot. Make dressing up your little style bug pleasure by hanging outfits on the wall as artwork. Fashion-forward parents will love this one!

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