Get Maximum Coziness at a Minimalist Bed

When I wrote an ideabook on 13 simple steps to making a bed, I did not expect it to create such a passionate response. ers were not bashful about sharing their opinions, and the comments is intriguing. Even though a number of you love the layered look of multiple cushions, puffy duvets and artfully placed cries, others are put off by the thought of dealing with that many linens at a time. And how can I blame you?

So for this particular go-round, I thought I would take the opposite strategy: beds for the minimalist, outfitted only with the bare essentials. Making them is a breeze, but the drawback is they sometimes can seem a bit primitive. Luckily, there are ways to snug them up without sacrificing their simple appeal.

Gary Hutton Design

Add a cushioned headboard. A cushioned, upholstered headboard adds an excess layer of softness that does not have to be made up in the morning. Pick a tailored rather than tufted version for a sleeker look.

Stanislav Ermolenko

Tuck it under a very low ceiling. A sloped ceiling can help to occupy a few of the visual space a tall headboard and piles of cushions will.

Cary Bernstein Architect

Buttress it using furniture. This mattress backs up to an integrated shelf and bench unit that makes the long, narrow area seem snug. Orienting the mattress against a wall also enriches the enveloping feel.

Sullivan Building & Design Group

Keep the scale large. In a very small room, even just a double or queen-size mattress will feel enormous, and oversize scale translates to a feeling of comfort and warmth. You’ll want enough room to walk on each side, so don’t squeeze it in too tightly.

Rikki Snyder

Stay low to the floor. A mattress that sits on the floor feels just right for curling up and lounging.

Webber + Studio

Frame it with a four-poster. Without canopies, testers or other draped fabric remedies, four-poster beds may feel wonderfully spare. This one provides a visual framework that helps to create a cozy sense of bounds.


Warm it using colour. Vivid tomato crimson retains this floating mattress out of feeling sterile.

Jill Sorensen

Layer in feel. Nubby, tactile tiles and linens help prevent a minimalist mattress from feeling flat and one-dimensional. Combine four or three textural yet comfortable components, such as the woven rug, wooden planking and feathery plant inside this area. Keep the colour scheme basic to maintain the stripped-down sensibility.

Are you a minimalist or a maximalist when it comes to your mattress? Tell us!

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