DIY: How to Paint a Sisal Rug

Do you have a dingy rug sitting someplace in your house? Instead of tossing it hiding it in a trunk, you might try giving it a fresh look with the support of painter’s tape and paint. Designers Jenna Burger and Lydia Pudel show us the way they fully updated their old sisal rugs.

Makeover No. 1. Can you think there is an old sisal rug beneath this crisp, contemporary pattern? Pudel, a graphic designer in Germany, did this job after falling in love with a grey and white trellis carpet from West Elm. Instead of spending the money on a brand new carpet, she painting her current sisal to receive the same appearance. Watch the before shot.

Pudel hunted online until she discovered a bold graphic in an identical pattern, printed it out, and made a stencil that could allow her to make a custom blueprint for her 5′ x 7′ carpet.

She traced the stencil on the rug with a pen, making sure that the pattern was centered and even.

Employing standard interior paint in a warm grey, she gave the carpet two coats of paintand then used a creamy white for the borders.

It took Pudel about two weeks to complete this project. After painting, she chose her electric sander into the carpet to make it feel less stiff and rough. The paint stayed on, and also the surface felt like it did with no paint. A quick vacuum is it needs to stay clean.

To read about Pudel’s DIY, see her website, Pudel Design.

Makeover No. 2: Jenna Burger, interior designer and owner of New York-based SAS Interiors, desired to incorporate a little bit of chevron design into her house without spending a lot of money. She gave an aged sisal rug in her entryway this routine with leftover house paint.

With a measuring tape, calculator and ruler, Burger carefully planned her chevron pattern so that it could be perfectly centered.

She spaced her zigzags after locating the center of the carpet.

Burger painted her stripes in alternating colors. She had all the stuff she needed lying around her house, so this job cost her nothing.

Burger desired her carpet to look slightly bloated and distressed, so she used a dry-brush technique to apply the paint thinly for a rustic and worn style.

To read about Burger’s DIY, see her website at SAS Interiors.

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