Frameless Art Bares Its Soul

Lots of men and women in this age of minimum layout are forgoing the standard frame in regards to displaying their artwork. Frequently the artwork is so strong on its own that there’s no requirement for a frame, and some abstract paintings were not meant for a frame to begin with.

The trend does not merely apply to paintings; there is a definite move toward casual appointments of artwork, like prints pinned to the wall or strung across a wall using clothespins. Skipping the frame has especially become a decorative standard in diverse spaces. Here are some creative ways that you can add frameless art to your home.

It’s almost as if the freestanding wall in this Minnesota attic serves as a frame for the large abstract oil. Two white leather and polished nickel chairs have been put before the painting, making it more a part of the scheme.

Jeanette Lunde

Vintage botanical images loosely pinned to the wall produce a light and airy effect.


This Dutch bedroom is the heart of Scandinavian chic. The unstreched canvas appears to be put on the wall with some kind of adhesive. There’s a peacefulness into the only printed, necessarily meaningful text.

This wouldn’t have worked if there were, say, only four or five prints trapped into the wall. However there are 40 leaf prints hanging over this sideboard in a large rectangular scheme that covers the whole wall. Dramatic!

Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group, Inc..

Leaning this unframed landscape painting against the wall right beneath the lamp retains the walls untouched and peaceful. It’s a strategy that lets adding a little art in the bedroom without even making it the middle of attention. And leaving walls untouched from the bedroom helps produce a tranquil atmosphere.


The whole unframed-oil-portrait item appears to be a staple that is sticking. Right and left, collections of thrift store paintings of individuals, usually unframed, are being showcased. It’s a refreshing, whimsical and fun fashion.

Stringing kids’ art throughout the wall using clothespins or another kind of clip is a perfect method to appoint a child’s room. Along with the functional aspect is especially terrific; interchanging pieces is as simple as unpinching a clip.

AB Chao Interiors

The Polaroid picture is back. Make the most of the white border around each frame simply by submitting the photos to the wall in a big geometric group. In this case, Japanese tape adds a touch of flair.

Jute Interior Design

Ever find a piece of fabric that could really be a painting? Why don’t you wrap that around a canvas and make it one? Again, no need for a frame here. The boldness of this patterned print looks fantastic standing in this little boy’s bedroom.

A frame would ruin this tranquil appearance; I can’t think of a design that will suit this ethereal painting. Coupling it with all the contemporary couch upholstered in beige linen makes the room feel absolutely Zen.

Blue Tangerine Art

Hanging these two oil paintings on a paneled wall without frames makes for an interesting play on depth and scale. Because the paintings have been attached to the raised section of the panel, they almost appear to be floating.

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