Double Take: 'Floating' Wine Bottles Rack Up Style Points

A unique, gravity-defying wine rack caught my attention while I was browsing the other day. The horizontal bottles seem to float straight from the wall within this midcentury house’s kitchen. Intelligent homeowner and interior designer Megan Oldenburger, together with her builder, Tom Mayone, designed the wine rack as part of a bigger solution to a design problem.

“As part of this kitchen renovation, I wanted to start up a wall in which two unattractive structural poles were supporting a massive column holding up a portion of the next narrative,” she states. “I hated the concept of breaking up the flow of the space and using a metallic pole smack dab in the counter, but in fact I couldn’t eliminate the poles without breaking the bank.” Thus, she came up with a strategy to create this structural requirement an attractive and functional part of her kitchen.

Dichotomy Interiors

This is the picture that made me do a double take. The structural pole now provides a foundation for its wine bottles, which are practically begging to be pulled and uncorked.

Dichotomy Interiors

“The inspiration for the design came from my cupboard washer and hardware pull. On one of my many trips to Lowe’s with this renovation project, I detected brushed aluminum sticks that looked almost identical to a number of my cupboard hardware. I brought home a couple sticks and revealed my builder and friend Tom Mayone,” she states.

Mayone coated the unsightly pole at a gorgeous walnut box and added wiring inside so it may home electric outlets. The box has enough space to house the outlets in addition to 2-by-4s to encourage the sticks and the burden of those wine bottles.

Dichotomy Interiors

Mayone drilled holes throughout the walnut and into the 2-by-4s, then inserted the sticks into the holes. Oldenburger recommends whilst drilling to minimize splintering, using tape. “Quantify your cuts on the aluminum sticks by the period of the jar and then add the additional inches for the timber which will hold it in place,” she states.

Every bottle is cradled by 2 sticks, giving it the appearance it’s floating. Oldenburger also kept in mind the rack would not necessarily be full of bottles. “The empty sticks created a sculptural work of art that echoed the cupboard pulls in the kitchen,” she states. She utilized a fine-grit sandpaper to give these sticks a brushed nickel appearance that matches with her kitchen hardware.


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The home endeavor inspired Oldenburger’s furniture design enterprise. “I adored the effect so much that I decided to incorporate the design into my furniture making by creating a live-edge hanging walnut rack which looks as fairly empty as it will full,” she states.

Your turn: Has a picture on made you do a double take? Discuss it with us and we’ll attempt to figure out how they did that.

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