On Trend: Invasion of the Blobs

Perhaps you have noticed how simple the contours in nature really are? Viewing ripples in water and visiting stones on the coast, you will see the repeat of the exact same shape: for lack of a better word, the blob. The more natural the shape, the more attractive it is on our eyes. And that seems to be the appeal of these pieces.

This blob trend focuses most on a neutral color palette, which highlights that the shape and keeps it complicated. Amoeba-like and single celled, these designs let your mind relax and your eyes break — and, in almost all examples gathered, your body has to take it easy also.


The Cave Bookshelf – $5,038

With this bookshelf and built-in seat, you’ll never be at a loss for what to see. It could be a fantastic divider in a large playroom.

Måns Salomonsen

Cocoon Storage

The blob form is appealing in jewelry, because of clay’s flexible and character. Hang this planter and storage pod for the lounge area near your blob seat.

Switch Modern

Foscarini Blob S Wall & Ceiling Lamp – $494

Searching for exceptional ceiling lighting is a real chore, however these fittings make the task easy. Utilize them in organized spaces to add soft curves into a hard-edged area.


Furlicious Beanbag – $99

Beanbags would be the epitome of blob culture. This furry case brings us rushing back into the 1960s and ’70s, when this organic design trend began.


Manu Nest Hanging Chair

Keep your blob-styled spaces appearing natural: Utilize these organic swings and other gentle forms to commune with your backyard.

Pebble Pillows

Livingstones Pebble Pillows, 6 Pieces – $149.99

This is one of those things you did not know you wanted until you saw them a pile of soft felt pebble pillows to rest your mind. Set them in front of the fireplace to get instant charm.

Pebble Side Table – $149

Whether you see a rock or an egg, the ovoid type of this table is unquestionably blobular. Luckily, the flat surface has sufficient space for drinks.


Sherpa Leanback Lounger – $179

Beanbags can be horribly uneasy, however this paneled lounger has the structure to support you without ruining the soft lines.

Made in Layout

Enza Sofa – GBP 3,749

Here’s a more futuristic take on the blob. This oversize pebble is made from neoprene. Inside or outdoors, napping here will be more comfy than on these landscaped boulders into your lawn.

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