10 Stylish Bedrooms Using a Decidedly Masculine Vibe

Once you get started announcing something masculine or female, you get into dangerous territory. Because of course there are men who adore pink and women who have never met a ruffle they could stand.

There are, nevertheless, certain qualities and substances connected with a manly aesthetic. Things like flannel, leather and wool have a tendency to evoke a manly vibe. As do colors like gray, black, blue and brown. Straight lines and hard edges read as manly, as does a lack of bright colors.

These 10 bedrooms may be considered manly spaces. They are not all exactly the same, and they’re not for men only. However they do answer the question of how to make a stylish, comfortable bedroom if you’re toward the concrete and easy as opposed to the cushy and lavish.


Crisp pleats, crisp folds and crisp lines. Everything is lines and planes.

Black and charcoal predominate this tasteful modern bedroom. When you move this dramatic, very little embellishment is called for.


Masculine does not have to imply dark. A combo of whites and tans keeps it bright but without any unnecessary frills.

Few things say manly than man’s best friend.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

This bedroom is lavish and snug but in classically masculine patterns and textures: plaid, flannel and formal pleats.

An eclectic spin on the manly room. The grays and muted blue make it seem serious and even a little somber, but it is not dark. In fact, it’s full of light.

Susan Brook Interiors

Does not the sculpture over the bed look like a shield? The rest is fairly manly too, but that bit is almost thumping its chest.

Kristina Wolf Design

Another thing masculine chambers have in common is a complete absence of clutter. In fact, a complete absence of stuff. Color and shape stand out whenever they’re not competing with much else.

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

I love this take on cozy masculinity. In fact, I like everything about this tasteful, light-filled area, including its powerful bones and sturdy simplicity.

Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

For your surfer dude with great design sense.

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